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  • Thiết bị kiểm tra vi sinh cầm tay (Intermediate portable water testing kit)

    Intermediate portable water testing kit
    A fully equipped water safety kit offering both physico-chemical and microbiological testng capability in a single, easy to carry, rugged case. The lightweight Aquasafe® WSL25 PLUS is a complete but simple soluton, combining digital and visual testng together for fast and accurate results.
     A small, single case including all components of the kit, with both handle and shoulder strap, capable of floating in the event of falling in water
     A single incubator with complete control of the well insulated chamber through a soft key panel and digital display function
     Adjustable temperature setting allows for the incubation of thermotolerant coliforms or many other organisms, with the use of selective media
     The number of petri-dishes used can now be varied, without compromising performance, through use of the PetriLok® system, which maintains stability of smaller numbers of dishes during transport
     A high performance rechargeable battery pack is built in to the case behind a hinged panel allowing easy access when required. This pack includes an inbuilt docking station for the incubator, allowing easy removal of samples when required
     Digital pH and conductivity through 2 separate units ensures continuity of testing in the unlikely event of one unit failing
     Visual testing capability of turbidity (using a 2 part Jackson turbidity tube with rugged threaded connector), total arsenic via a visual tube method and chlorine, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia (through use of a wheel based comparator block) is provided as standard
     Additional chemical visual tests are available with the addition of a wheel and the appropriate reagents (see page 48 for full details)
    WSL25 Plus WT10-200
    A small, yet extremely rugged, case allows this water safety kit to be carried anywhere with no concerns about user fatgue or space. Once opened, the kit allows simple, accurate and efcient testng of all the key water safety parameters including pH, conductvity, chlorine, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, total arsenic, temperature, turbidity and faecal (thermotolerant) coliforms.

    Dimensions mm 430 x 290 x 280
    Weight Kg 15
    Approvals IP68, CE-Conformity
    Test Programs  37°C, 44°C, user defined (between 20°C and 50°C)
     Adjustable 24 hour countdown timer
    Timer  Adjustable
     24 Hour with built in “power loss” pause feature
    Number of Incubaton Chambers 1
    Max PetriDish Capacity 25 petri-dishes
    Temperature Range (incubator) 20°C to 50°C
    Temperature Resoluton 0.1°C
    Temperature Stability +/- 0.1°C
    Optimum Operation Temperature 40°C
    Features of the case and components  Fully waterproof and buoyant with both handle and
    shoulder strap
     Case floats, even when full
     In-Case docking station technology
     Specifically designed and engineered storage tray as
    standard for consumables and accessories
     PetriLok® technology on every petri-dish stack
     Integrated digital pocket meters for both pH and
    Storage Temperature 0°C to 70°C
    User Interface  16 x 2 LCD display
     3 tactile sof keys
     Audible alert
    Power Supply  12-24 V DC
     Removable sealed lead acid power pack via integral
    case incubator docking station
    Power Consumpton  37°C cycle at 20°C ambient
     Max Power 16.1 W
     Average Power 6 W
     Heating Rate 0.7°C/min